For me photography is a return ticket to a moment once gone … a “ pause” button of life . My brother Jade’ bought me my first camera at the mere and eager age of 11 years old . We were embarking on a cruise ship around France … i knew ever since I was destined to capture beautiful moments . It was apart of my life’s calling. After matriculating I went to further my interest in Photography and studied at Vega . I completed the IIE Higher certificate in Video and Photography. It gives me pure joy to make everyone feel beautiful and significant . There is a saying “ eyes are the windows to the soul “ I believe in a moment of pure vulnerability I can capture the essence of one’s soul . I have had the privilege of capturing so many breathtaking moments of my own two amazing children and many more other wonderful families . I can’t wait to capture your inner and outer beauty and of course those moments we can’t put into words .